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No War No Vietnam

Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
24 August - 6 October 2018

With regard to the significance of the so called “Vietnam War” for the protests of 1968, the exhibition "No War No Vietnam" presents artistic anti-war positions of the late 1960s in Germany, such as photomontages, videos, paintings, photographs and original documents, as well as current art from Vietnam. The performances, video games or reenactments of the participating Vietnamese artists laconically satirise the war, the military and their own biographies, while the historical counterculture positions turn out to be as up to date as they ever were.


Review in Berliner Zeitung
„No War No Vietnam“ Die Begegnung von Antikriegs-Positionen und vietnamesischer Kunst
by Susanne Lenz

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Review in TAZ
Der Normalität widersprechen
by Michael Freerix