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Between your parted legs

Sung Tieu & Christian Naujoks

Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany
8 December 2016

Royal Academy of Arts, London
26 January 2017

It is a disparate and complex weaving that makes the creative productions of Tieu and Naujoks meet. Rather than a unification, their inaugural live performance together thrives on the tension between the artists’ different practices, the caveat between their distant coordinates of expression and geographic sites.

A German visual artist whose recent work is filtered through a longer visit to the remote mountain region of Bạch Mã of her native Vietnam, Sung Tieu’s writings in prose and her additional experiments on the traditional Vietnamese string instrument, the Đàn Bầu, diffusely dub the wordless universe created by Hamburg-based musician and artist Christian Naujoks.

Naujoks' acoustic environment of melancholia is constructed around boiled down and succinct song lines, relays, and echoes on guitar. As a reaction to one of his recent compositions from the album Wave, Tieu shot a short (music) video while traveling, capturing rushes of a tropic beach - an interchange that is in turn providing the offset for this event's performative montage.