Selected Exhibitions

Formative Years on Dearth, Parrhesiades, The Yard & Flat Time House, London
Loveless, Piper Keys, London
Song for Unattended Items, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Remote Viewing, Nha San Collective, Hanoi
Coral Sea As Rolling Thunder, Art Basel Statements, Basel
Emotion Refuge, Micky Schubert, Berlin
Alien Refuge, Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain, Paris
Subnational Enterprise, Dong Xuan Center, Berlin
Subnational MP3, Dong Xuan Center, Berlin
Trio oi, various flower shops in subway stations, Berlin
Diaspora, Ma Homey, Space _31, Berlin
No War No Vietnam, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
Freital, 1999, Saxony
The Stillness Of A Departure, Polansky Gallery, Prague


Prügelei unter Eltern auf Spielplatz, 2019
Letter to the Editor: Inside the Blocks, 1995
Move around, get inside - brutally global interiors, 2019
Ghosts of the American Psyche, Let the Serpent in, 2017
Troops Employ Phantastic New Tools in ‘Nam, 1969
Two Worlds, Four Spirits, 2019
Life Plods Along In The Mekong, 1996
Destination: Black Virgin Mountain, 2017

Related Texts

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Interview: Sung Tieu and Maurin Dietrich
Pamela Corey: Sung Tieu: Abstraction and the Mnemonic Image
Goschka Gawlik: Repercussions of Another Reality
Pamela Corey: Hacking the Grid: Urban Interventions from Artists from Southeast Asia
Yen Duong: Vietnamese-born German artist explores the connection between constructed reality and deepseated Vietnamese spirituality through her first solo exhibition ‚Remote Viewing‘
Adam Carr: Interview with Sung Tieu

Collective Work

Troi Oi
East London Cable
Asia Art Activism