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Juliet Club

Sung Tieu & Kadeem Oak
7:20 min, HD colour and sound
Dimensions variable

The 7:20 min long video „The Juliet Club“ (2013) searches for traces of Juliet Capulet in various locations in Verona and how these sites have been embedded within the reality of contemporary Verona today. The work captures these fictive sites which today intersect with what is now an adopted reality of Verona as a romanticised pilgrimage of an idealised love story between a heterosexual couple by mixing documentary imagery and sound with collaged footage of the original locations. A Veronese backyard, where the sculpture of Shakespeare’s Juliet Capulet stands as well as her sarcophagus in the crypt of the Convento di San Francesco al Corso, Verona, become the main set of the video.

By using the method of emotional editing and by breaking the rules of cinematic continuity, the video points towards the subjective experience of such emotionally lead concepts as love and gender.

Direction, Camera & Edit: Sung Tieu & Kadeem Oak
Sound: Ville Haimala